Saturday, December 29, 2012

Software Pack Installation

Download Link : RoboBuilder Software Pack_120925.exe (14.3M)

1) Check "Create a desktop icon" when you install "RoboBuilder software pack".

2)  Then you can see the below 3 icons in your Desktop.

3) You will see the below software tool if you run "RoboBuilder Tool".

Software Introduction

1) RoboBuilder Software Pack
  - MotionBuilder       
            for motion create/modify tool

  - ActionBuilder      
            for sensor programming tool

  - Download Tool      
            for motion/action download tool

  - Diagnostic Tool      
            for check robot status when it has problem

  - Zeropoint Tool       
           for adjust robot when balance is crooked

2) SAM Programmer
       for SAM-5, SAM-20, SAM-28, SAM-160, SAM-180, SAM-210

3) wCK Programmer
       for wCK-1108, wCK-1111, SAM-3

4) Android OS based application     
       for Smart Phone control (by Bluetooth)

5) RQ series Firmware Upgrade Tool (*.bin)
       for RQ-KIT, RQ-HUNO Series

6) RBC Firmware Upgrade Tool  (*.hex)      
       for 5710K, 5720T, 5730K Series

7) USB2UART Download Cable USB Driver      
       for connection between RQ series and PC

8) Remote Controller Software

9) MSRDS (Microsoft Robotics Developer Studio)

Friday, December 28, 2012

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